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Lessons Learned for 2014

As you look back over 2013, remember to congratulate yourself for the steps you have taken this year…steps forward and backwards are all valuable, as they enable us to adjust our course and ensure our actions keep us on track.

I was looking at my own goal list earlier this week and realised I have learned three valuable lessons to take forward into 2014:

1. This year I divided my list into ‘goals’, which were totally within my control, and ‘aims’, which I could influence but not necessarily control.

For example, one of my aims was to sell the house…and that was challenged in May when a car drove into it two weeks after it was put on the market, resulting in 8 months of delays whilst the insurance company got to work! Luckily, I do believe every cloud has a silver lining and recent news reports suggest the house will sell more quickly and easily in 2014 anyway!

2. I do think my goals will be more realistic next year, especially in terms of time. Its quite easy to set goals during the tranquil aftermath of Christmas, when everything goes quiet and settles down in my household. I forget that once my son goes back to school, and I go back to work, I no longer have 12 hours a day to devote to Yoga, reading, games, relaxing hobbies and holidays!

3. Whether I achieve my goals or not, I am grateful for the progress I have made and have learned to treat myself with compassion and respect for what I have achieved and the lessons I have learned along the way.

I would love to wish you a really wonderful Christmas. And whatever you plan to do in 2014, I wish you every success and happiness along the way.

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