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Lionesses Roar...

Do we?

I drove past this sign whilst dropping Dan off at school for his last A level exam this morning.

For me, it was fitting to read 'Lionesses Roar' because an hour earlier, I had been in tears of frustration, exclaiming to Kash that I was failing in my life purpose because 'we' were not being seen or heard...

That in the wake of Trump...and Brexit...and Boris Johnson...and previous web developers who had robbed us blind...and a vexatious litigant...and an incompetent A level teacher...and those who abuse social media by using it to bully and besmirch others...that in the wake of these examples and more, I was losing sight of the 'good' things.

I was angry about the injustice and unfairness; I was annoyed because I don't feel as though I am doing enough; I am frustrated because I'm not sure how to fulfill my life purpose because the 'systems' and structures we live in don't work any more...and I am such a small person in such a huge world of failing and broken systems that I don't know what is mine to do.

Every day in my morning practice, I invite guidance by saying "show me what is mine to do". Every day I 'do' little things to keep my small world moving...and yet I am still feeling its not enough.

As Governors, we are encouraged to ask two questions:

1. What is the impact of the action?

2. How do we know?

What is the imapct of what this Lioness does? I'm not saving lives by changing gun laws like Jacinda Ardern. I'm not standing against Boris Johnson or Donald Trump so I can make a difference in the political arena.

And how do I know? When I have used my Lioness roar in the past to fight for what I believe is right, it hasn't worked...not in court where suppliers conveniently shut down or go bust before they honour the court order; not in school, where ineffective teachers get moved on rather than be held to account; not in business where we live by our values of integrity and professionalism to the detriment of our 'bottom line'; not in personal life where I am witnessing the horrible effects of a spiteful vendetta on a close family member.

So how do we effect change and heal broken systems so they better support everyone? How does this Lioness roar more effectively?

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