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Lucky in Life

Wow, after a whirlwind few weeks, culminating in a truly amazing conference and fabulous Awards gala ceremony, I thank my lucky stars, every day, for my life and where I am.

How did I get to be so lucky? I am honoured and privileged to work with some amazing people – Nina, Gemma and Kash at ANLP; the conference committee and stewards team; the Rapport team; the ANLP members; the Awards nominees…

I have the most amazing sons (2 of my own and 2 ‘soon to be’ stepsons); And of course, my ‘daughters in law’ are equally awesome; I have a few very close friends who also mean the world to me…even though I forget to tell them that.

I am surrounded by amazing people who inspire me, motivate me, nudge me and challenge me…

So yes, I do consider myself to be very lucky in life.

10 years ago, I would never have thought I was lucky. Stuff happened and life was not as great as it could have been.

What changed, I wonder?

I think I did – I changed the way I look at life. I started to notice the positives more. I started to focus on the little wins because however small, they were still wins.

I got a bit fitter; I lost some weight; I invested more time in personal development; I spent time with myself and started being genuinely grateful for my life…finding something every day to be thankful for, however rubbish the day was!

And gradually, I saw how lucky I was. Indeed, how lucky I am…and all that changed was me…

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