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Lucky in Love

After a couple of months of intense ‘hard work’, it’s time for me to turn my attention to Love…

I am ‘lucky’ enough to be getting married at the end of this month.

Lucky, on a practical level, because Kash is a far better cook than me, so we always eat well – I’m not taking it personally, but when he joined our little family unit, Daniel remarked (more than once) that ‘we have been eating like Kings since Kash arrived’!

Lucky because Kash is a true gentleman – a knight of the round table, willing to fight for his lady and protect her against all monsters and dragons …to be fair, there are not that many monsters and dragons in Hertfordshire but I know I would be in safe hands if we were ever to bump into one!

Lucky because I have met my soul partner, my beloved, my sacred soulmate – the one who sees right into the very depths of my being…and yet still Loves me!!

Lucky because I have met someone who cherishes me, holds space for me, guides me, encourages me to fly…and nurses my bruised wings if I crash land!

Lucky because I had to let go of everything that had gone before, everything I believed to be true about relationships, in order to be open and ready to receive my soul partner into my life.

Every day, I thank the Divine, the Universe and anyone else who is listening for giving me the opportunity to be Lucky in Love.

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