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Magical Ingredients

I Love baking…I don’t do it as often as I would like, simply because I value my waistline, but I do Love baking!

What fascinates me is how ingredients can be combined in different ways to create something magical (all cakes are magical in my book!). In fact, sometimes the same ingredients can be used in different ways to create totally different results – I can use exactly the same ingredients to create both a sponge cake and a crunchy biscuit!

Its the same with any team – our choir uses the same voices blended in different ways to create very different sounds…and sometimes use different voices blended in the same way, again with magical results…and sometimes only uses some of the voices, because they blend perfectly for that particular song.

And isn’t that the value of good teams – knowing how and when to blend specific sections of the team to create something magical. It isn’t a case of always using all the team in the same format – after all, if you want to create something different, its a good idea to do something different!

So how can we apply this metaphor to our own lives? Perhaps by:

  • valuing the ingredients we have at our fingertips

  • understanding that sometimes, less is more – we don’t have to use all the ingredients all the time to get amazing results

  • being willing to try something different – be flexible, experiment and see what happens

  • remembering there is no failure, only feedback – if it doesn’t work this time, we’ve learned something for next time (believe me, many of my cakes have ended up in the bin!)

By viewing life as a huge set of ingredients to be blended, mixed and combined in different ways, we can enjoy the cakes every day!

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