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Modelling Projects

Like all NLPers, I probably spend quite a bit of time modelling excellence one way or another – modelling best practice with office procedures, modelling useful strategies and behaviours…the list could go on.

But because I’m not that sporty or athletic, I rarely get the chance to have a go at actually physically modelling someone – I’m more likely to read about that kind of modelling in books on how to improve my (non existent) sports skills.

So when my younger son started learning to play golf the other week, I watched avidly, lapping up the instructions from the tutor and mentally rehearsing the actions. I followed this up by signing up for golf lessons myself…after all, I’d rather play golf with both my sons, Tom and Daniel, than end up being their caddy.

It’s the first time I have learned a new sport since I was at school, which was quite some time ago (!), and certainly many years before I discovered NLP. I probably could have realised this sooner, but oh my goodness, what a difference NLP makes to learning a new sport.

Our tutor was brilliant at breaking down the movements into the smallest steps, and tweaking every move to ensure improvement, which means he is easy to model…and of course the feedback with golf is instantaneous because the ball goes straight…or it doesn’t!

I feel I am learning a new sport so much quicker by applying my NLP skills and I am really looking forward to going back next week!

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