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Post Its

Anyone who knows me well, knows that my organisational life tends to rely on Post It notes!

Yes, I have Journals...and To Do lists...and Mind Maps...and Project Management Boards...but if I had to identify the one essential organisational tool in my toolbox, the difference that makes the difference, it would be Post It Notes!

I used to joke when my children were small, that most mums had a pocket full of tissues...and I had a pocket full of post it notes! I can be relied upon to always have a post it note in easy reach - they can be found in my bag, most drawers in the house and by the bed...just in case!

I think I like them so much because they are so time efficient - they are there quickly and easily to record important information on before that information can be easily transferred to where it needs to be...and if the reminder on the post it is a simple 'to do' it gets done and then filed straight the bin!

So post it notes are a clutter free, efficient way of keeping track and managing my many projects as well as acting as a strategy to counteract my sometimes forgetful brain! They ensure I keep tabs on whatever is written on them until I can do something useful and relevant with them...and more importantly they are a great strategy for enabling me to take 100% responsibility for something in the moment, before another shiny thing pops up to distract me.

So I love Post Its!

I wonder what simple tools and strategies you have in your tool box that empower you and enable you to be even better every day?

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