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Pushing Boundaries

Its less than a month until the NLP Conference and Awards…so life is pretty busy right now. We are a small team and so when the workload increases, we work harder!

Given I haven’t learned how to increase the number of hours in the day, something always ends up giving way to the increased workload…and that’s when some of my personal boundaries get pushed aside in favour of ‘commitments’ and ‘obligations’ and ‘deadlines’.

My phone alarm still goes off at 3pm daily, to remind me to set aside just 15 minutes to do my DEAR reading…and for the last 10 days, I have put the alarm on snooze…and then turned it off altogether because I ‘just have to finish…’.

I know if I was in school, I would have to stop whatever I was doing and read. It is ONLY 15 minutes after all…surely nothing is so important that it can’t wait for 15 minutes?

And that is the trouble, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but when I have a lot of work to do, I often push those boundaries by compromising on the little things that I do for myself – I snatch 15 minutes by giving up DEAR reading; I save another 30 minutes by cutting out yoga and another 15 minutes by doing a shorter dog walk; I give up an early morning cuddle to start work half an hour earlier.

And of course, I could give up eating and sleeping altogether, just to get those deadlines met…and that is when I realise, again, that maybe, if I were to give myself that 15 minutes for DEAR and 30 minutes for yoga, I’d probably be able to work more efficiently anyway, because I would be in more harmonic flow!

So perhaps I will be kinder to myself next week and maintain some of those healthy boundaries, come what may!

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