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Revisiting What IS mine to do?

Following my reality check earlier this month, I have taken some of my own advice and stepped back from work long enough to look at things differently. As well as getting my own house in order, I have been reflecting upon one of my favourite questions, “What is mine to do?”

I find I can get so embroiled in the nitty gritty of everyday life, emails, shopping lists, to do lists that I sometimes forget to pause, step back and take a look at the bigger picture. One of the consequences of continually working ‘in’ rather than working ‘on’ the business (and perhaps life in general) is that I lose focus and forget what it is all about.

Stepping back gives me the opportunity to remind myself of the bigger picture…and the space I need to remind myself what is mine to do, here on this planet, for however long I happen to be here.

And yes, as a result of stepping back, I am going to make some changes, because I’d lost my way a bit and wondered off the path…probably because I was too busy focusing on the nitty gritty – I forgot to look up long enough to see if I was still heading in the right direction!

As we move towards harvest time and gathering in resources for the Winter, I am finding this reflection time incredibly valuable and beneficial in so many ways…I certainly feel more revitalised and motivated to use this Winter wisely, making plans and sowing some early seeds, ready for harvesting in the Spring!

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