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Run towards your goals...and remember to look back!

Running is a great metaphor for achieving goals and I have learned a lot more about my goal achieving strategies, by applying them to running. Here are three tips from my goal achieving toolbox:

1. How do you eat an elephant (assuming you want to)?

One bite at a time…and the same applies to running – you’ll get there by taking one step at a time. So break the bigger goal (or run) into bite size chunks. I split my route up into mini milestones, and as I am still a novice, my milestones may be the next lamppost, litter bin or parked car!

2. When the going gets tough…

Use those smaller steps (goals) to motivate you and keep you focussed. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is lose sight of the next achievement…and that is when it is most important to keep your head up and stay focussed on the mini milestone.

When I run, I often stare straight at that lamppost, until I reach it…and then I give myself a quick pat on the back, as I shift my focus onto the next mini milestone.

3. Keep a record of your achievements.

There are two reasons for this: First to measure what progress you are actually making and second, to remind yourself just how far you have already come towards achieving your goal. I know I sometimes forget just how much work I have done towards my goals already…which means I do deserve a pat on the back, far more often than I give myself credit for!

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