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Time Boundaries

How very coincidental…my intention was to introduce the topic of boundaries for this month…and start with talking about creating boundaries around time.

So what happens?

This morning, I got so caught up with serving the needs of others by answering their questions, emails and calls that I allowed my blog time to disappear into a cloud! Hence this blog being over an hour later than usual…

As the conference approaches and life gets even busier (I didn’t think that was possible), I am starting to realise just how important it is to set up boundaries around time…and stick to them!!

I do know this already because I have read the brilliant book, Time Mastery (by John McLachlan and Karen Meager), which talks about ‘boundary violators’ and advocates putting in place strategies to use time more efficiently and effectively!

It seems I now the theory and yet I am slightly challenged at putting some of it into practice!

Sometimes, I do this very well – I have a very strict policy around work and holidays – I turn off my work emails and I do not respond to work communications when I am on holiday…easy!

So if I can do that really easily, I can do the same with other time based boundaries so my work can flow more easily and my time is productive and effective….even saying that phrase releases some of the tension I have created in myself by whipping myself up into a frenzy of activity and lists!

I know there are at least 3 easy wins I can put into place now:

  1. Finish one task before starting another

  2. Prioritise the day’s tasks…and stick to it!

  3. Be more realistic about what can actually be achieved in one day…and build in some wriggle room!

Yes, I even managed to finish this blog without allowing myself to be distracted…easy!!

Good luck with setting your own time based boundaries this week – let me know how you get on!

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