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As you read this today, I will be about to embark on an adventure…and I have no idea where I am going! Now there is a statement and a half from the consummate planner and organiser who always tends to know what she is doing and when!

My beloved has organised a surprise, and all I know is that I have had to blank out 3 days in my calendar, from Thursday lunchtime to Saturday evening…

Don’t get me wrong – I love surprises…and at the same time, isn’t it good to know something, especially if packing and/or travelling is involved? Am I really willing to trust another person enough to know what clothes I may want to wear during this mystery time, or what ‘things’ I may wish to take with me, in case there may be a spare 30 seconds to fill.

It turns out I am…trusting, I mean! Which has actually surprised me and taught me something about myself! I have been very good at not probing and questioning over the last few months, and pretty good at relinquishing control over this situation…so yes, I have been willing to let go and trust that whatever is happening, it will be amazing and I will have exactly the right resources available to me.

Bring it on…

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